The auditionees are required to submit 2 audition videos; a vocal submission from the lists and a  dance section using the choreography provided in the links below.  These should be in separate videos uploaded to your application. Instructional videos and music tracks have been provided to rehearse the vocal selections as well as the dance combination.

Auditions using any other songs, alternate cuts of the song, or alternate choreography (including additions or alterations) will not be considered.  Auditions must include both a vocal and choreography video audition to be eligible for consideration.

Vocal Submission

There are 4 song selections for female applicants and 4 song selections for male applicants which cover a variety of vocal ranges and styles. The selections give applicants the opportunity to choose a song that fits their range as a vocalist and their style as a performer.  Review the options to find the best selection that best shows your ability and personality as a performer.

Choreography Submission

Both male and female auditionees will learn the choreography selection set to the song “If My Friends Could See Me Now”.

Using the Dance Instructional Videos below, Camp Broadway’s Director / Choreographer, Holly Raye will break down the choreography to learn in three steps:


Learn the steps.

In this first video, we breaks down the choreography step-by-step without music at a slow pace.


Review without music.

This video puts the choreography together to practice the steps at a faster pace without music.


Final choreography demonstration.

In this video Holly Raye performs the choreography at actual tempo with the music as it should appear in your final video submission.

Create the final choreography video submission:

For the final choreography video submission use the Final Audition Submission Track to accompany your performance.